Historical Records and Statistics

Keeping track of local bird happenings is an important part of the mission of the Rochester Birding Association. Indeed, this is an important part of the bird documentation process for the entire state, as NYSOA (New York State Ornithological Association) relies on regional editors with local knowledge to submit a full and accurate picture of state bird sightings.

Traditionally, RBA members who are active in the field work together to document the general picture of birding events of every month, to select the records to be considered Noteworthy, and to accept or reject the rarer or questionable sightings from the previous month.

Here we publish links to the Noteworthy Records since April 2014; earlier records can be found on PDFs in the Little Gull Archives. Members are entitled to see all of these in the Little Gull.


Before 2014

Records from 1969 through 2013 are available on RBA’s Google Drive, for use by researchers and others who wish to peruse them. These include raw data and tallies as well as lists of significant sightings. To gain access to these records, use this link in your browser: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hMEldDHcN7N26ieS9LuOGh-bAB0jUyer?usp=sharing