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Banner Photo: Indigo Bunting – Honeoye Falls

(© Alan Bloom – June 17, 2022)


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“Last 30 Days” Photo Gallery

Birds in and around Rochester, NY

Our gallery of birds that have been seen in, you guessed it, the last 30 days. This popular gallery helps keep people informed of what birds are being seen where throughout the seasons. All images submitted by RBA Members. Submissions welcome!

Red-headed Woodpecker © Barbara Smith

Where to Bird this Month: July

Summer is at its peak, but the start of “fall migration” is at hand. Southbound shorebirds are already moving through our area, as other species finish raising their young in the fields, woods, and marshes, and begin dispersing.

American Goldfinch © Barbara Smith

Historical Records and Statistics

The collection of Noteworthy Records tables can be found in the Little Gull Archives. Here, we publish links to the more recent Noteworthy Records and one historical (2004) noteworthy sightings tables.

Yellow Warbler © Barbara Smith


Special Features

Black-throated Green Warbler © Alan Bloom

While not every bird will frequent every backyard, there are many things you can do to make your local patch more attractive to nesting, migrating, and wintering birds no matter if you have 160 acres or a postage-stamp balcony.

Cedar Waxwing © Alan Bloom

The RBA photo galleries includes images of local area birds submitted by members. Current galleries include: Rochester Area Birds, Montezuma NWR, and warblers.

American Redstart © Dick Horsey

Whether you are a new birder or dyed in the wool enthusiast, we’d like you to be involved and help RBA with our goals to 1) Teach 2) create 3) spread and 4) contribute

Eastern Kingbird © Alan Bloom

RBA nurtures young people’s curiosity in birds and helps them take their skills to the next level while offering a fun, safe environment with other teens/preteens to network and bird together.

NY Breeding Bird Atlas

If you ever watch birds in New York, you can be a part of the Breeding Bird Atlas! Whenever you go birding—be it in your backyard, at your summer camp, or in your favorite park—every sighting counts!

Ovenbird (© Alan Bloom)

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