Rochester Christmas Bird Counts

Rochester Christmas Bird Count

Rochester Christmas Bird Count

Sunday, December 18, 2022

On Sunday Dec. 18, 2022 we will conduct the Rochester Christmas Bird Count. This traditional activity demonstrates our commitment to science and birding. This will be the 119th count in the Rochester area.

These sector leaders for the RCBC have consented to coordinate the field work for the count of our winter birds. To participate in the count, contact them or Norma Platt. Be sure to ask your leader for area details.

Braddock Bay to Long Pond Road

John Boettcher (585) 671-9639

Bob Spahn (585) 671-5690

Long Pond Road to Dewey Avenue

Greg Lawrence

Dewey Avenue to Charlotte Harbor

Mike Gullo (585) 200-4356

Summerville to Culver Road

Andrew Garland

Culver Road to Baker Road (Webster)

Sheryl Gracewski and Tom Nash

Parks and Neighborhoods (Highland, Genesee Valley, Mt. Hope Cemetery), crow roost

Shirley Shaw (585) 385-3907

Downtown Crow Count

Robert Buckert

Seneca Park

Mike Rizzo (585) 478-2667

Maplewood & Turning Point Parks, Holy Sepulchre and Riverside Cemeteries

Rosemary Reilly

West of airport/south of the canal/north of the river

Brian Morse (585) 269-9576


Norma Platt  (585) 260-5221