Finding Birds – Where and When

The greater Rochester region and Genesee Valley offer abundant opportunities for bird watching. Our members generally tend to bird the area stretching:

  • as far east as Montezuma NWR for snow geese and shorebirds and Derby Hill for migrating hawks;
  • as far west as Niagara Falls for world class gulling and vagrant seabirds;
  • as far south as Letchworth State Park and other Finger lakes hotspots for passerines and grassland birds;
  • and all along the lakeshore for ducks, geese, owls, and a first-rate warbler migration.

Get started birding in our area

  • Monthly suggestions of where to look for both common and unusual birds.
  • A map of Birding Hotspots.  RBA members have access to information on 35 hotspots in the regions.  In addition to describing likely sightings, we also detail best times to visit, parking information, and other useful tips. Non-members can view eight popular spots. Join RBA if you’d like to support our efforts and find directions and details on every site.
  • Links to the eBird pages for many popular hotspots in our area.
  • list of field trips offered by the RBA. You do not have to be a member to attend these trips, but if you find them enjoyable we hope you will join!