Speaker Videos

March 2024: Who’s Singing? Behind the Scenes of Merlin Sound ID

Emily Engle

Feb 2024: Leveraging Hunter Knowledge to Find and Conserve Bird Species in New Guinea

Dr. Jordan Boersma

Nov 2023: Taking the Pulse

Jean-Francois Therrien of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Oct 2023: Consequences of Dispersal in a Fragmented Landscape

Nancy Chen

Sept 2023: BirdCast – A Large-Scale Perspective on Bird Migration

Adriaan Dokter

May 2023: Managing Water Levels for Migrating Waterfowl & Shorebirds & Nesting Marsh Birds

Linda Ziemba

April 2023: On the Origin of Species on Islands

J. Albert C. Uy

Sept 2022: Eastern Australia: Its Unique and Spectacular Birds

Dominic Sherony

Nov 2021: Birds of Newfoundland & Labrador: Perched on the Edge of North America

Jared Clarke

Oct 2021: Birding Fast and Slow

Alvaro Jaramillo

Sept 2021: Birding the Wildest Islands of the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago)

Faraaz Abdool

Feb 2021: Conserving Grassland Birds in Agricultural Landscapes

Allan Strong

Jan 2021: The Love Lives of Birds

Laura Erickson

Dec 2020: 3 Billion Birds Lost

Ken Rosenberg