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COVID-19 and RBA Field Trips

With the continuing high rates of COVID-19 in Monroe County and the surrounding area, the Board of Directors, the Field Trip Committee, and the field trip leaders will be making decisions on our upcoming field trips on a monthly basis.  The decision to cancel a field trip or to curtail attendance are not made lightly, but rather reflect the NYS guidelines at the time of the trip and also an abundance of caution for our trip leaders and attendees.

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Red-headed Woodpecker - Hamlin Beach Park - © Candace Giles - May 30, 2017

With migration largely behind us and breeding season in full swing, it’s time to think about the use of birdsong recordings (commonly called playback) to attract birds in the field. This controversial practice has become more and more commonplace as phone apps put these recordings in the hands of many more birders. Why does anyone… Read more

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For new birders: Listen up for the sounds of spring

Northern Cardinal (male), Pittsford, NY. © Richard Ashworth

You might not be aware, but it’s spring! As club president Laura Kammermeier announced in last week’s meeting, the Northern Cardinal has begun to sing. Why’s that a big deal? Because male birds generally sing when they’re looking to attract mates. And, if you’ve ever seen Bambi, you know that that’s spring-business. It doesn’t seem… Read more

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Beginner birders: Learn from my field guide mistakes

birding books field guides

When I started birding, I went out and bought a field guide. Several, actually. Here’s my experience with choosing and using them, including an embarrassing story. Go big and go small First, think about your options. There are lots of backyard, feeder, and basic bird guides, some barely more than pamphlets. But why not be optimistic? With… Read more

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For New Birders: 6 Tips for Getting Started

I may not be a good birder, but I am leagues better than when I started. Based on my first three years, here are six tips for absolute beginners: 1. Put up a bird feeder. Even if your outdoor space is tiny, you can still bribe some urban birds to hang out with you. As… Read more

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