Join the Tradition of Citizen Science at its Best!

Christmas Bird Count

Join us for the 117th Christmas Bird Count of the National Audubon Society and the 113th Rochester CBC.

This is our chance to participate in Citizen Science and enjoy the company of other birders. This is a great chance for ‘newbies’ to learn by being paired up with experienced birders.  Lots of eyes make for a better count!

Last year we noted 96 species. Let’s go for 100 this year!

In the evening of the count day, December 18th, we will gather at Newport Yacht Club (on Seneca Road in Irondequoit) at 6:00 PM for pizza followed by the tally of the species. The tally will start about 7:30 PM. We will be finished by 9:00 PM. Even if not interested in dinner, please join us for the tally.

There will be $4 charge to cover the costs. Self-serve wine and beer will be available for $1. If people and willing and able, they could bring pot luck dishes to augment the pizza. We would like some idea of head count by Friday, December 8 – please call/email Norma Platt at 671-9639/

Call an area leader to volunteer. Different groups may start or end at different times of day on the 18th, so be sure to ask your leader for details.

Rochester CBC areas and leaders are as follows:

Braddock Bay to Long Pond Road – Bob and Susan Spahn 671-5690
Long Pond Road to Dewey Avenue – Greg Lawrence cell 730-2553
Dewey Avenue to Charlotte Harbor – Kimberly Sucy 503-2534 or
Summerville to Culver Road – Dominic Sherony 223-7353
Culver Road to Baker Road (Webster) – Tom & Nancy Poeth 872-5344
Highland Park, Genesee Valley Park, Mt. Hope Cemetery – Shirley Shaw 385-3907
Seneca Park – Lynn Bergmeyer
Maplewood & Turning Point Parks, Holy Sepulchre & Riverside Cemeteries – Kim Hartquist
Area west of Rochester-Monroe County Airport – John Boettcher

Norma Platt, Compiler 585-671-9639

If you cannot get out to bird in the field, consider watching your feeder for some time during the day, then phoning in your count of birds seen at your feeder; all data is useful.

Note:  Birds seen during the count week December 15 to 21 may be called in to the area leaders for inclusion in the year’s species total.