Eventbrite pre-registration served us well during the past two and a half years. It provided a way for RBA to continue to offer field trips during State and Federal COVID-19 restrictions. Those restrictions are long gone. While pre-registration has some benefits, the time and effort to maintain Eventbrite no longer seem necessary.

Beginning with April 2023 field trips, Eventbrite pre-registration will end. Feel free to join a field trip on the spur of the moment. No more worries about remembering to register before the deadline, or “getting in” if limits were set. While you will no longer receive an Eventbrite reminder about the trip, you can still add the trip to your calendar from the website trip description.

Please arrive at the designated meeting location 10 minutes before the start time of the trip. Wear weather appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes. As it was before Eventbrite, there will be a sign-in roster. Colds, flu, and COVID are still around—if you’re not feeling well, please stay home.  Please carpool when possible.

Spring migration is underway—exciting birding times! We look forward to seeing you on an upcoming field trip!

Your Field Trip Committee,

Jeanne Verhulst, Chair, Sheryl Gracewski, Tom Nash, Amy Kahn, Neal Reilly