The Final Scoping Statement of the Heritage Wind Project in the Town of Barre, Orleans County, New York (DPS Case No. 16-F-0546) has been filed with the Department of Public Service by APEX Corporation.  Interested persons have until September 19, 2019 to submit comments to the DPS and APEX. Send comments to the applicant’s designated representative: Paul Williamson, Project Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy, 310 4th St NE, Suite 300, Charlottesville, VA 22902, or by emailing and by filing a copy with the Secretary to the Siting Board (Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess at )

The proposed Facility consists of the construction and operation of a commercial-scale wind power project. The turbine tip height for the Nordex 149 that is currently being considered is 655 feet.  Turbine tip height = hub height plus radius of rotor.  The rotor diameter is 149 meters or 489 feet (a regulation football field is 360 feet long). The wind power project includes the installation and operation of up to 33 wind turbines, together with approximately 32.5 miles of associated 34.5 kilovolt (kV) collection lines (below grade), 10 miles of access roads, permanent meteorological tower(s), one operation and maintenance (O&M) building, a point of interconnection collection (POI) substation and several temporary construction staging/laydown areas.  The map of the Preliminary Facility Layout shows that there would be three turbines about 2.6 miles from the East Shelby Rd. eastern boundary of the Iroquois Wildlife Refuge.

The Facility will have nameplate capacity of up to 200 MW and will generate enough electricity to meet the average annual consumption of a range of households in New York State. This range will be provided in the Application.  The major components are designed to operate for 20 years.

Note: Originally APEX was calling for 590.5 foot  turbine tip height, now they are planning 655 feet tall but could go higher as they keep choosing the tallest available on land.  The world’s tallest land wind turbine was built in Germany in 2017 by the German company Max Bögl Wind AG. The turbinehub is 178m (584ft) tall, and the tower’s total height – to the tips of the upward extended blades – is 246.5m (809ft).

The case documents can be found on the DPS website; the documents to review and comment on are found at the following links:

Case Number : 16-F-0546
Matter Title : Application of Heritage Wind, LLC for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need Pursuant to Article 10 for a Wind Energy Generating Facility in the Town of Barre, Orleans County, NY.
Company/Organization : Heritage Wind, LLC
Date Filed: 08/20/2019

Document(s) Filed:

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Cover Letter Joint Proposals and Stipulations Public Cover Letter Filing Stipulations.pdf (318 KB) 318 KB
Draft Heritage Wind Stipulations Joint Proposals and Stipulations Public Draft Heritage Wind Stipulations.pdf (289 KB) 289 KB
Final Scoping Statement (clean) Joint Proposals and Stipulations Public Final Scoping Statement (clean).pdf (1 MB) 1.9 MB
Final Scoping Statement (redline) Joint Proposals and Stipulations Public Final Scoping Statement (redline).pdf (2 MB) 2.08 MB
Figure 3. Preliminary Facility Layout Joint Proposals and Stipulations Public Figure 3. Preliminary Facility Layout.pdf (8 MB) 8.02 MB