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As the US-Canadian border remains closed, and as this trip relies heavily on scopes, the RBA has regretfully decided to cancel this trip for 2020.  We hope that we will be able to offer this gull-a-palooza again next year.

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Join us on our birding venture along the Niagara River in both the US and Canada.  We will start at Lake Ontario and work our way south to the Falls.  Our focus will be on waterfowl and gulls, including Bonaparte’s Gull and Little Gull, with possible late migrating Common Tern, with additional stops for Red-headed Woodpecker, Black Vulture and late migrating passerines.

Meet at the Old Fort Niagara parking lot at 9:00 am. Bring beverages and lunch, for this is an all day trip.  Carpooling is strongly advised, as we will be crossing into Canada.

Participants MUST bring passports or enhanced driver’s licenses.

Dress warmly and in layers.  Extra spotting scopes would be very helpful.

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