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Infrared Thermography allows one to see the temperature of everyday objects. It can highlight warm objects against a cooler background, making it a great tool for finding birds and other warm-blooded animals. A few years ago, when affordable thermal cameras appeared on the market, Suan decided to try using them to see if he could find owls in the night or bitterns in the marsh. He has done both, as well as follow a woodcock skydance, count migrants in the night sky, and track a grouse through thick brush. Suan will share his experiences with this technology.

Suan Yong is a software scientist at GrammaTech in Ithaca. His interest in the natural world began as a boy growing up in Malaysia collecting butterflies, and shifted to birding in 2007 after moving to Ithaca. He regularly leads bird walks for the Cayuga Bird Club, Spring Field Ornithology, and other events at the Lab of Ornithology. Follow his blog at:

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