Chimney Swift - Highland Park - July 03, 2015 © Dick Horsey

Chimney Swift – Highland Park – July 03, 2015 © Dick Horsey

Audubon NY and Genesee Valley Audubon Society need the help of RBA on a Chimney Swift conservation project.  We need people who know what chimney swifts are and where they roost to send their observations to Will you help?

As you know, the power of Audubon lies in our network of chapter members and volunteers.  To successfully launch a Chimney Swift program, we would need your help now with collecting and reporting regional Chimney Swift data and conservation efforts. Despite a 70% decline in populations over the last 50 years, Chimney Swifts can be found in most urban areas and larger towns in New York State. In an effort to provide some distribution data which will help us to figure out if we should develop a Chimney Swift conservation program, we are asking your volunteers to help us record roosting activity in your communities and report your findings.

What: Observe and record Chimney Swift roosts (a simple, fun and family-friendly citizen science project)

Where: Anywhere in New York State

When: Anytime during the month of September

Why: To provide baseline data on Swift distributions as we devise a statewide (and flyway wide)   Chimney Swift conservation program

How: Enter your observations into eBird at