As of June 15, 2021 Dear RBA members: It is good news that rates of COVID-19 in Monroe County and the surrounding area have come down substantially and restrictions have been eased! As a result, the Board of Directors and the Field Trip Committee, have updated RBA COVID-19 guidelines, specifically in the Social Distancing and… Read more

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Now is the last time to comment and express your concern for the proximity of this project to Iroquois and Oak Orchard Wildlife Refuges. The birding community can have a substantial role in highlighting wildlife concerns for large projects such as this. If enough people comment it is possible that ORES will decide a Hearing… Read more

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Tips for Feeding Wild Birds

The Democrat and Chronicle recently published an unfortunately misleading article titled “If You’re Going to Feed Wildlife, At Least Do it Correctly.”  The RBA Board of Directors has written the following letter to the editor, hoping to address several misconceptions contained in the article.   To the Editor: Members of the Rochester Birding Association brought… Read more

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Grassland birds show some of the most dramatic population declines in North America as a result of habitat loss and intensive agricultural management. Allan Strong has studied Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows in the dairy country of Vermont’s Champlain Valley since 2002. He will present some of his research results that have led to innovative conservation… Read more

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COVID-19 and RBA Field Trips

With the continuing high rates of COVID-19 in Monroe County and the surrounding area, the Board of Directors, the Field Trip Committee, and the field trip leaders will be making decisions on our upcoming field trips on a monthly basis.  The decision to cancel a field trip or to curtail attendance are not made lightly, but rather reflect the NYS guidelines at the time of the trip and also an abundance of caution for our trip leaders and attendees.

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Laura Erickson

Dear Members, As the new year approaches, hopes for our traditional January pot luck dinner with the opportunity to socialize and have fun with member presentations and quizzes, has, unfortunately, faded with the continuing rise in COVID-19 cases (as of this writing). This is disappointing, to be sure.  However, besides having fun, our January meeting… Read more

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Red-headed Woodpecker - Hamlin Beach Park - © Candace Giles - May 30, 2017

With migration largely behind us and breeding season in full swing, it’s time to think about the use of birdsong recordings (commonly called playback) to attract birds in the field. This controversial practice has become more and more commonplace as phone apps put these recordings in the hands of many more birders. Why does anyone… Read more

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The long awaited Application for the Heritage Wind Project in Barre NY was submitted to the state at 5 pm on March 13, 2020 and is available for review.  It is a massive document.  RBA is looking for people willing to help review so we can comment. Please contact Amy Kahn, RBA Conservation Chair… Read more

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Heritage Wind, LLC (“Heritage” or “Applicant”) is proposing to construct a major wind electric generating facility up to 184.8 megawatts (MW) in size in the Town of Barre, Orleans County, New York (“Heritage Wind Project” or “Facility”). This notice announces that on or about January 31, 2020, the Applicant will file an Application pursuant to… Read more

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