The legislation for the Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) of feral cats is now on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk for his consideration.

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Outdoor cats, whether they are feral, barn cats, or household pets, are a grave danger to New York’s bird life. In the United States alone, outdoor cats kill approximately 2.4 BILLION birds every year. Although this number may seem unbelievable, it represents the combined impact of tens of millions of outdoor cats. Each outdoor cat plays a part.

Outdoor domestic cats are a recognized threat to global biodiversity. Cats have contributed to the extinction of 33 species and continue to adversely impact a wide variety of other species, including those at risk of extinction such as Piping Plover.

The ecological dangers are so critical that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists domestic cats as one of the world’s worst non-native invasive species. [source: American Bird Conservancy]


TODAY in New York State, you have a chance to register your voice on the Feral Cat Bill, which authorizes Trap, Neuter and Release as a viable method of cat control. This does NOT save birds and science shows that TNR doesn’t even control cat populations!

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR VOICE on this important issue.