Spring has arrived. On average 170 species are seen this month.

The hawk migration reaches its peak, songbirds begin to fill the woods, bitterns and herons arrive in the marshes. Yup, migration is in full swing! Some of the best action is along the lake after the passage of a warm front.

In the yard we can find White-crowned and White-throated Sparrow and perhaps some Chipping Sparrow as well. Near the middle of the month look for Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Hermit Thrush and Ruby-crowned Kinglet will arrive in the woods in places like Island Cottage Woods.

The first warblers (Yellow-rumpedPinePalm and Black-throated Green) could show up there too.  A Sandhill Crane might be seen flying overhead.

The lake will hold Red-breasted MerganserBufflehead and other lingering waterfowl. Terns will show up too.

Bitterns, rails and herons will be seen in the marshes of Braddock Bay, Irondequoit Bay and Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.