Who knows what this month will bring weather-wise? On average 90 species are seen in February.

There usually is open water for waterfowl along Lake Ontario.The Genesee River is usually open somewhat as is the Irondequoit Bay outlet. Long-tailed DuckCommon GoldeneyeBufflehead and Greater Scaup should be seen at these spots. Slater Creek now freezes but you may find mergansers near there.

Feeders could become the best spots for seeing birds this month. Harsh weather will make a food supply attractive and draw American GoldfinchCommon Redpoll and, of course, Black-capped Chickadee.

Snow Bunting may still be found along the edges of roads near fields where seeds may have gotten caught. Nations Road near Avon is a good place to look.

Mendon Ponds has produced Virginia Rail the past couple of years. If you really need a bird fix, grab some sunflower seed and walk the Nature Center trails to feed the Black-capped ChickadeeTufted Titmouse and nuthatches.

The first spring hawk flights may occur near the end of the month. Stay tuned to happenings at Braddock Bay Park.