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Shorebirds migrate long distances and come through our regions in spring and fall.  They can be found on lake shores, ponds and flooded fields annually.  They are usually very cooperative and can be viewed at close range.  But shorebird identification is a challenge for all birders because of their varied plumages, sizes, mixed flocks, and timing of migration.

The RBA Shorebird Workshop, led by Dominic Sherony, will cover all the shorebirds that can be found in the Rochester area and will focus on how to look at shorebirds.  It is intended for beginner and intermediate birders who want to expand their knowledge of these amazing birds.

Includes a 3-hour workshop on August 13 followed by an instructor-led field trip to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (date TBD, carpooling recommended).

Registration required. Fee: $49. REGISTRATION CLOSED

Indoor Classroom

August 13, 2016
9 am to approximately 1 pm
Lakeview Community Church
30 Long Pond Road
Greece, NY
Field Trips: Different species of shorebirds arrive to western NY in waves, so each week has the potential to turn up new species. Attending all trips will allow you to gain more experience with most western NY shorebird species.

Private Field Trip for classroom participants – Montezuma NWR
Led by Dominic Sherony
Date TBD, but likely August 20th.

Public RBA Field Trips – Montezuma NWR
Led by Dominic Sherony and Mike Tetlow
Dates: August 21 | September 11 | September 24

PREPARATION: Come prepared with your binoculars, field guide, pen, notebook, and a bag lunch. We will provide fruit, snacks, water, coffee, or tea. Restrooms are available.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you must cancel, do us the favor of notifying us more than 48 hours before the event. We cannot refund any cancellations after that time.

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