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Kimberly Sucy is a the Rochester Birding Association’s Field Trip Chairperson, and enjoys nothing more than an outing to find new birds or enjoy familiar sightings.   She’s only been birding since around 2003, after being enlisted into a major birding competition and forced to learn everything she could about passerines in a few short weeks.  Since then, she’s focused primarily on New York State birds, but has made multiple trips to Japan to see as much as she can of this wonderful country and its fascinating birds.  In her non-birding life, Kimberly works in IT at a local hospital system, geocaches, plays Pokemon Go, and plans field trips.mtfuji

With a diversity of climates and habitats, a wonderful public transportation system, and ample amenities nationwide, Japan is an ideal country to visit for birders who enjoy seeing new species and interesting endemics without suffering through the heat and species overload of many tropical trips.  Kimberly’s talk will include photos and anecdotes from the harsh conditions of northern Hokkaido to the sweltering heat of Japan’s southernmost outposts in Okinawa.  Throughout the length of the country, she has encountered amazing bird life, curious mammals, intriguing customs, delectable food, and most of all a warm and welcoming populace that makes this country a dream destination for American visitors.

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