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Snapshot of Tom Snyder and friend, Mahandry Hugues Andrianirisoa.

The Seneca Park Zoo works in multiple countries. The Zoo supports more than 20 organizations over the last few years, conserving wildlife and wild places of animals we represent.  In this talk, Tom will take you through his path from a pet store employee to zookeeper to his current role as a zoo director.  He will talk about a childhood of exploration, and about his early field days in the Bahamas through his most recent trip to Guatemala.  He will give you a glimpse of what it is like to have to balance partnerships, technology, governmental regulations, the need for transparency, program delivery, and a dedicated staff to increase conservation impact while telling a compelling story.

Tom Snyder, Seneca Park Zoo Society

Tom Snyder is currently the director of programming and conservation action for the Seneca Park Zoo Society.  His department is responsible for programming onsite and off, and working on various zoo conservation projects.  He grew up in the Finger Lakes, and has spent time in Central America, Bahamas, Africa and in various parts of the US working in zoos and conservation.  Initially a zookeeper, the power of zoos as conservation organizations was a driving force in steering Tom to his current position.


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