Hooded Warbler - Cobbs Hill - © Dick Horsey - May 22, 2017

Hooded Warbler – Cobbs Hill – © Dick Horsey – May 22, 2017

The Rochester Birding Association accepts and appreciates donations from our community to support bird conservation and education programs. We have a tradition of supporting organizations that work to protect land with the ultimate goal of providing habitat for migrating and resident birds.

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How recent donations to RBA have been used:

  • In March, 2015 we provided $4500 to support a research internship at High Acres Nature Area. This student intern will carry on a research project called the Unit 4a Habitat Survey Internship.
  • In 2014, RBA sponsored the Hawk Migration Association of North America’s 40th anniversary conference with a donation of $500.
  • In May 2012 the club was approached by the High Acre Nature Area (HANA) volunteer group asking for a donation to support a study done by RIT students. The club donated $750 to HANA.
  • In December, 2011 RBA was approached by The Nature Conservancy Central and Western New York chapter to help fund the acquisition of 250 acres in Wayne County known as Shaker Heights (this bird-rich parcel flanks Sodus Bay). The club voted to give $20,000 to make this happen. One club member volunteered to match any individual contribution made by a club member.
  • In March 2011 we assisted the Genesee Land Trust with the acquisition of the Kaiser property with a donation of $15,000. This 5+ acre property located on either side of Manitou Beach Road is near state land and the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory. The club has continued to help maintain this property by creating mown trails and planting native plants and eradicating invasive plants.
  • For several years, RBA has sponsored the Genesee Land Trust’s Habitat Garden Tour with a donation of $250.
  • We lend our support to other conservation and birding groups by maintaining membership in American Bird Conservancy and The New York State Ornithological Association.
  • We are a supporting sponsor of The New York State Young Birders Club.

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