RBA Annual Dinner - January 10, 2015 © Richard Ashworth

RBA Annual Dinner © Richard Ashworth

Come to our Annual Winter Dinner Party at Summerville Presbyterian Church, 4845 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester, NY 14617 at 6:00 PM.

Officers and directors-at-large will be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the annual dinner on January 12, 2019. We urge all association members to attend this event because a quorum consisting of 10% of current association members at any meeting is required for the transaction of any business including the election of the board of directors.

President: Andrea Patterson
Vice President: Jeanne Verhulst
Treasurer: Brian Rohrs
Secretary: Kimberly Weeks
Directors-at-Large: Kevin Ferrell, Elizabeth Magnanti, Wanda Thistle, and one more to be determined.
Past President, Amy Kahn, automatically retains a voting position on the board for 2019 and shall assist the president in the performance of the duties of the president’s office and in the promotion of the efficient operation of the association.

To make a reservation, contact Wanda Thistle or call 585-236-1834 to sign up. Wanda will need the following information: your name, the number of people attending, and the side dish you will be bringing. The main entrees this year are Roasted Turkey and Honey Basted Ham. We will be providing the place settings and cutlery. Cost is $5.00 per person. Note: The church requests that no alcoholic beverages be consumed on the premises.

There will be a White Albatross Table. If you bring something for the white albatross table, be sure to price it, and let us know if you want the sale price to go as a donation to RBA or back to you.

There will also be Evening Entertainment. If you plan to give a presentation, please let us know and how long it will take. Artwork, photos, and slides are welcome. Please email Richard Ashworth, who will be coordinating this segment, or phone him at (585) 381-2189 if you will be showing slides.

If you can help with this event, please contact Wanda Thistle 585-236-1834. Many hands make light work!