Last 30 Days Gallery – Notes for Contributors

What birds have you seen/photographed recently ?

This is your site for sharing all those great recent bird photos that are hiding on your computer or, worse yet, are still in your camera from a week ago!  Whether you are an expert, somewhat experienced, or a beginner photographer this is the place to show off the best bird pictures that you have taken in the past thirty days.  No matter if you snapped a common House Sparrow in your bird feeder or a Northern Mockingbird in an open field, photos of all bird species from the area are acceptable.  It doesn’t matter if you take the pictures with an expensive camera and a fancy lens or are just taken on your cellphone.  Be proud of the best birding photos you capture and show them off!!!

Not an RBA member?  Well, now is the time to consider posting here at only the cost of a yearly membership. We’ll do the work for you, and your friends and family can visit and view this gallery any time!  Join now 

Remember, since photos will be added and removed every week, we can use more than one photo of the same species – perhaps from a different location and a week or two later than those listed in the gallery!

Just a few simple rules we will be following:

1) You must be an RBA member to contribute photos.

2) The pictures must have been taken in Western New York in the last 30 days.  Pictures will be posted in the gallery until they are 30 days old after which they will be placed in a monthly archive gallery.

3) A submitted picture may be subject to cropping and color/lighting enhancement to bring out the best your picture has to offer (especially true for novice photographers).  If you can do this before you submit the photo it will speed up the process of getting photos on the website.  Also all photo file sizes will be decreased as much as possible without losing photo detail when viewed on a normal computer screen.  Do not put a copyright symbol with your name on the photos.  This will be added in the caption.

4) If multiple pictures of the same bird species are received, then we will try to get at least one picture posted for each person.  We want all RBA members to have the opportunity to have pictures posted!  However, depending on the number received and other limiting factors, we may not be able to use all the photos submitted every month.

5) Send an email with your photos attached or a Flickr link to Dick Horsey at “”.  The following information MUST be included in the email for each photo: (a) bird identification, (b) where picture was taken (hotspot name, park name, or town/suburb), (c) RBA member name, (d) date bird photo was taken.  Most photos will be added to the gallery within a week of receipt! 

6) By submitting your image to RBA, you are granting RBA the rights to use your image on our website, social media, and other electronic properties. Thank you!

DO IT NOW !!!  And have fun sharing!