POWER Coalition Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

POWER Mission Statement:

The mission of the POWER coalition is to prevent the current proposal by Apex Clean Energy to site up to seventy 620+ ft. tall wind turbines along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Each member organization opposes this project based on one or more of the following concerns:

that this project is being proposed in a major bird migratory corridor and will be devastating to large populations of birds and bats, will visually degrade the waterfront, negatively impact tourism, violate the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plans (LWRP) adopted by the towns of Somerset and Yates and accepted by New York State, disrupt hunting and fishing opportunities, increase noise levels for local and seasonal residents, and possibly interfere with operations at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, potentially jeopardizing the future of the base in the next round of base closures.

It is the position of all the members of the POWER Coalition that renewable energy is a legitimate and important goal for New York State to pursue. But no energy project should ever be free of assessing and balancing ALL of its impacts on other vital aspects of our environment, economy and quality of life.

The POWER Coalition acknowledges the importance of standards for the proper siting of these projects based on eliminating or significantly mitigating the negative aspects any project might present.

The POWER Coalition believes that the Apex proposal for Somerset and Yates fails to meet these standards and should be rejected by New York State.

Governing Principles for the POWER Coalition:
The partners of the POWER Coalition [Protecting (Lake) Ontario’s Waterfront, Environment, and Resources] agree to the following principles for governance and decision making on all issues requiring a coalition response:

1. A coalition committee* (*The coalition committee would be comprised of one designated member from each coalition partner.) will tentatively approve a statement/letter, and a draft letter/statement is submitted to all member groups for review/editing by their respective governing bodies.

2. A reasonable response deadline is provided to all groups to decide whether to:
a. Agree to sign on to the statement/letter and provide a person’s name and contact info as representative of that group.
b. Agree with the principles of the statement/letter but choose NOT to sign – letter and statement goes out with groups that agree to sign on.
c. Express general agreement with MILD concerns. Group still willing to sign on – letter/statement goes out
d. Express SERIOUS concerns – letter does NOT go out until issue(s) are resolved.

3. Letters/statements made by the coalition stipulate that “the members of the POWER Coalition listed below have agreed with the following statement: …”

4. Letters/statements will be issued by the deadline date unless a SERIOUS concern has been registered by one or more of the member groups.

5. The goal of the coalition is to have all members sign on to the coalition statements and every effort will be made to modify language for this purpose.

6. Without approval of the coalition, member organizations may speak out as individual entities without reference to the coalition or use of coalition stationery or any coalition symbols.

7. For the purposes of conducting coalition business, issues or actions shall include any public statement in the form of a press release, op-ed piece, letters to the editor, media interview, any and all letters to an elected or public official, any and all personal outreach to and lobbying of an elected or public official.