Noteworthy Records

Keeping track of local bird happenings is an important part of the mission of the Rochester Birding Association. Indeed, this is an important part of the bird documentation process for the entire state, as NYSOA (New York State Ornithological Association) relies on regional editors with local knowledge to submit a full and accurate picture of state bird sightings.

Traditionally, RBA members who are active in the field work together to document the general picture of birding events of every month, to select the records to be considered Noteworthy, and to accept or reject the rarer or questionable sightings from the previous month.

Over the years, this has been handled by various committee members including Bob Spahn, Dick O’Hara, Kevin Griffith, Bill Symonds, and Dave Tetlow, among others (please let us know if we missed anyone).  Andrea Patterson is currently serving as chair.  Bob Spahn continues to assist on this committee.  We welcome others who would like to join us.

The collection of Noteworthy Records tables can be found on PDFs in the Little Gull Archives prior to April 2014. Members are entitled to see all of these in the Little Gull. Here, we publish links to the more recent Noteworthy Records and one historical (2004) noteworthy sightings tables.

In addition, follow the tag “Noteworthy Sightings” to follow narratives of these tables.

What kind of data do YOU think is noteworthy? What would you like to see here on the web? Please send an e-mail to Laura and let us know!

Meanwhile, we encourage you to send your sightings information to eBird and to Bob Spahn.  Reporting what you see in the field is important not only to RBA members but the entire birding community. If you need assistance reporting your observations, please contact us for help.