Listing & Reporting Bird Sightings

List of Species to be Reported to NYSARC

Reporting what you see in the field is important not only to RBA members but the entire birding community. If you need assistance reporting your observations, please contact the Statistics Committee for help.

We advise several methods for reporting sightings:

If you want your sightings included in the “Noteworthy Records” section of the Little Gull (and we hope you do), you must submit them directly to the Statistics Chair or enter them in eBird. Create and account and click on the Submit Observations tab.

Please pay special attention to reporting species found on the NYSARC (New York State Avian Records Committee) list.

E-mail Listservers:
These are e-mail lists you subscribe to for free, where you can post your sightings, ask birding related questions or read what others are observing.

  • GeneseeBirds serves western New York (includes but is not limited to Monroe County, Livingston County, Buffalo and Niagara Falls areas); to subscribe or for posting privileges, register on the Info Page
  • CayugaBirds covers the area around Cayuga County; to subscribe or for posting privileges, email the following with your name in quotation marks:  JOIN Cayugabirds-L “Your Real Name”
  • ABA Birding News, a repository for nearly every birding listserv in the U.S.

There are other listservers that can be found on our birding links page.


Please send your observations to GeneseeBirds or to Bob Spahn. Thank you.