Current Conservation Projects

The Rochester Birding Association aims to be a voice for bird conservation in the Rochester area. We educate members and the media about local projects, we donate funds to worthy local projects, and we have boots-on-the ground projects where members can have fun, working together on a tangible conservation project.


  • APEX LIGHTHOUSE WINDFARM:  The Rochester Birding Association supports wind energy as an alternative to fossil fuel power generation, provided that the facilities do not cause undue harm to nesting and migrating birds. The proposed Apex Lighthouse wind farm was marked as one of the worst-sited projects in North America, and the RBA is committed to ensuring that this project conduct appropriate pre-construction research, take all necessary measures to protect migrating and nesting birds and bats, and conduct and share post-construction monitoring results.
  • INVASIVE SPECIES MANAGEMENT: Pale & Black Swallow-wort are swallowing our parks and natural areas, creating habitat changes that negatively impact breeding birds. Members are asked to be on the look-out for Pale & Black Swallow-wort and to pull them whenever possible.


If you are interested in advancing the above projects, or if there are other causes close to your heart, please contact the Conservation Chair, Amy Kahn.