Bird conservation articles

The Rochester Birding Association provides these articles for the general public to learn about bird conservation issues and what YOU can do as a birding enthusiast.

A Tern for the Better at Braddock Bay (Jim Ochterski, July 2014) – Black terns are being monitored as Braddock Bay water habitats are restored in a multi-agency partnership effort.  Cool.

A Simple Duck, A Vexing Trend (Jim Ochterski, May 2014) – Why the humble American Black Duck is so much harder to find, despite being abundant a generation ago.

Mute Swans: Know Your Argument (Jim Ochterski, April 2014) – In a controversy like that surrounding mute swans and eradication, look at your agruments for or against more critically.

Free Fall: Common Genesee Valley Birds in Steep Decline (Jim Ochterski, March 2014) – Be aware that 16 common bird species in our area are now known to be declining rapidly.

Snowy Owls: Conserving a Ghost (Jim Ochterski, January 2014) – Intriguing and lesser-known facts about Snowy owls and their migration habits.

Short Eared Owls in the Genesee Valley (Jim Ochterski, December 2013) – The trend for Short-eared owls is for females to migrate to hunting areas in our region sooner than males.

Toxic Tackle: How Anti-Bird Our Fishing Equipment Can Be (Jim Ochterski, June 2013) – The old lead tackle you probably use is a leading cause of poisoning loons and other waterfowl.

Eurasian Collared-Dove – Not Now, but Soon (Jim Ochterski, January 2013) – Why you should keep an eye on feeders for the Eurasian collared-dove